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You’ve already lost the deal, be sure to follow up with the prospect to determine why you lost to your competitor. What services or features attracted the prospect? Was it about price? What’s the prospect’s impression of your sales process? If they’ve already made the switch, find out why they made this decision. By asking open-ended questions, you’ll have honest feedback about what customers find appealing about your brand and what might be turning customers away. Once you’ve answered these questions, you can start scoping out your competitor’s marketing efforts. 4. Take a look at your competitors’ pricing, as well as any perks they offer.

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There are a few major factors that go into correctly Belgium Mobile Number List pricing your product and one major one is understanding how much your competitors are charging for a similar product or service. If you feel your product offers superior features compared to those of a competitor, you might consider making your product or service more expensive than industry standards. However, if you do that, you’ll want to ensure your sales reps are ready to explain why your product is worth the additional cost. Alternatively, perhaps you feel there’s a gap in your industry for affordable products. If that’s the case, you might aim to charge less than competitors and appeal to prospects who aren’t looking to break the bank for a high-quality product.

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Company Overview Template

Of course, other factors go into correctly pricing a Buy Email List product, but it’s critical you stay on top of industry pricing to ensure you’re pricing your product in a way that feels reasonable to prospects. Additionally, take a look at any perks your competitors’ offer and how you might match those perks to compete. For instance, perhaps your competitors offer a major referral discount or a month-long free trial version. These perks could be the reason you’re losing customers, so if it feels reasonable for your brand, consider where you might match those perks — or provide some unique perks of your own if competitors’ don’t offer any. 5. Ensure you’re meeting competitive shipping costs.


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