Competition for attention is fierce. If the visitor finds your Can I see this  content hard to consume they know they can find help somewhere else. So break up those paragraphs. Add some whitespace. And while your add it mix in some other formatting to make your sales copy easy to scan: Bullet and number lists Bold and italics Internal links Short simple words Multiple images …more on pictures in a minute In these examples the text is the same. Only the formatting is different. Which works better for scan readers? Which will have better

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Engagement It’s up to the writer but the designer helps. The container for this content shouldn’t have very long lines and weak color contrast. Light gray on white? Who can read that? 7. Testimonials from happy clients A lawyer wouldn’t go to trial without a witness. Web designers business database shouldn’t go live without testimonials. Every one of your messages has a messenger. And the best messenger is the client themselves. When they say it the message transforms from regular marketing into social proof. Social proof shows that others have

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Making the choice feel safer. And the wording in testimonials is often more forthright than anything you could have written yourself. Notice how testimonials  Buy Email List either video or text can answer questions and address objections. example of a video testimonial on a b2b service page Notice how the best testimonials have their own little headlines. In videos they’re in the thumbnail. In text they’re above the testimonial the same way Amazon has little headlines above the reviews. Text-bas testimonials are also opportunities to include a