Find the striking distance keyphrases

Objections. You address them. It’s a conversation. The best Find the striking service pages emulate that sales conversation. It answers questions addresses objections and gives examples. The more ucat the visitor the more likely they are to become a lead. Here are questions you can ask your current clients to find out what to put on the service page. Take me back to the moment when you first realiz you ne help. What was going on at the

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You try and what didn’t you love about it? What almost kept you from buying from us? What made you confident enough to give us a try? When evaluating options what was most important to you? What can you do business lead now (or do better) that you couldn’t do before? Give me an example of when our services made a difference for you? If you couldn’t work with us ever again what would you miss the most? What’s the #1 thing that you’d tell a friend if you want to convince them to give us a try? This qualitative research is key to

Conversion copywriting

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Before you know the answers to these questions it’s very difficult to build a high performing page. 6. Short paragraphs and plenty of  Buy Email List formatting Subheads help but visitors will still struggle if you use dense blocky paragraphs. Long paragraphs get scann. Short paragraphs get read. As a general rule make sure paragraphs are no longer than three lines. Your page has a back button just like every other page on the

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