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In 2019, mobile opens accounted for 42% of all email opens. Think about that: unless you use responsive designs, at least 42% of your readers won’t be able to see your message correctly. Let’s dive into the how-to of responsive email development in this article. We’ll go over the best way to make your HTML email template responsive, introduce the fluid hybrid method, and provide a quick tutorial on responsive email design with media queries. If you’re not ready to dive into the code, check out our free responsive HTML templates or explore our comprehensive list of free templates on the web.

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Alternatively, if you just want to dip your toes into Turkey Mobile Number Database code, check out the low-code solution to email development: the MJML markup language. What are responsive HTML emails (and why do I need them)? A responsive HTML email is exactly as it sounds – it responds to differences in your reader’s screen capabilities and screen size regardless of the email client they use to view your email. Remember: “Mobile-responsive” isn’t the same as “mobile-friendly.” In fact, responsiveness goes beyond “mobile-friendly” to bring an optimized, accessible experience to your users, regardless of how and where they view your message.

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What’s the best way to make an email Buy Email List template responsive? Making an HTML email responsive is a little different from responsive web design. The level of support for HTML and CSS standards varies widely across email services and apps. So while we can rely on things like media queries, flexbox, grid, and JavaScript on the web, they aren’t always supported in HTML email (plus, you can’t use JavaScript in email because it poses a security risk). Some email apps don’t support CSS media queries, so we must think carefully about how we build responsive email templates.


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