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In these cases, you might consider using a lightweight HTML email template that looks almost like a plain-text email. You can focus your image-use on the basics: Your logo: Show off that the given email belongs to your brand. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your company name. Images of your products or services: Could you imagine a pure text email from Bestbuy? Most people expect to receive image-heavy, visually appealing, stylish emails with nice pictures from businesses. Social media icons: Promote your other online communication channels to your email subscribers.

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Before you start designing your first email template, check Iran Mobile Number Database out the kind of emails that your competitors send to help yours stand out from the crowd and find your own voice to be successful in the fierce competition today. 10. Should I A/B test my emails? Yes. Take advantage of the data you get from your email campaigns to create better email designs for future campaigns. Use A/B testing to try out different designs amongst subsets of your subscribers and see which one works better. Take this into consideration and iterate on it for future email campaigns.

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Wrapping up With these 10 tips and Buy Email List tricks, we hope we’ve helped you avoid some major pitfalls. Not sure how your email will look? Preview how your email will appear on different email clients in seconds with Email on Acid’s testing tool. How to Develop a Responsive HTML Email in 3 Steps 6 You’ve created a great HTML email layout. At least, it looks good on your computer. But what if your email subscribers open your email marketing campaign or email newsletter on a mobile device? Chances are, if you haven’t coded your email layout in a mobile-responsive way, your message will be garbled on your subscriber’s screen.


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