3. Growing customer loyalty Customer loyalty is the product of a good customer experience. If the customer is happy and satisfied with the experience, that’s enough for them to come back.

While having lots of choices, affordable prices, and easy-to-use interfaces are important in online selling, they are no longer sufficient.

Lazada and Shopee see the importance of increasing customer loyalty, so they make sure to do everything they can to help shoppers have a seamless shopping experience. And that includes optimizing payment options.

So make sure you know your preferred online marketplace platform to get the most out of it as a seller.

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Of course, anything that benefits the market will also

benefit the vendors selling there.

The best part is that Lazada and Shopee both provide coupons and discount vouchers for customers to use with their wallets, which increases their chances of completing a purchase.

2. Reduce fraud and fake buyers
Even though marketplaces such as Lazada and Shopee have taken steps to ensure product safety and guarantees for both sellers and buyers, fraud and fraud still occur.

Encourage more spending
A survey by Onbe , found that phone number list out of 1,000 consumers, 74% prefer digital payment methods over more conventional ones. Additionally, 65% of people think digital payments are safer than cash, checks or money orders.

Because of this, it’s easy to see that providing a preferred payment method encourages shoppers to spend more.

Increase conversions with promos and rebates

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As previously mentioned, online shoppers love discounts and promos. And Shopee and Lazada are big and generous on that too!

From time to time you will see campaigns promoting the use of ShopeePay and Lazada Wallet. Customers will get cashback or discounts if they pay via digital payments provided by the platform.

You can take advantage of this campaign and ultimately increase your conversion rate.

Digital payments and cashless transactions are now widely available and accepted in Southeast Asia, so it is important Buy Email List to provide relevant payment methods.

The good news is that Lazada and Shopee have set their own payment options. Of course, in the near future there will be more innovations and improvements as more competition is expected in the market.