The story of our partner: Fixustec

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The story of our we are a commercial and services company ,  , specializing in electronic security and automotive solutions. We are located in and have been in the market for over 4 years. Our business started with electronic device repair services and keeping in mind the evolution of the modern world, we have decided to change our business sector and have now started shaft tracking and locating services. We already have over 200 clients who use our tracking services. Therefore, we are pleased to see that people feel safe with our devices, and now with the gps-trace platform .

We are located in Luanda,

We are started in 2018 when my friend bought two motorcycles for his motorcycle Consumer Mobile Number Database taxi service, everything was going well until i received a call from him in the middle of the night saying that one of his motorcycles had been stolen. Therefore, was very sad, knowing that i couldn’t help him, i spent the whole night thinking about it. The next morning i started looking for a way to protect the remaining bike. As a software engineer, i used the internet as my only source of research. Three days later, i invited him to my home and showed him solutions to protect his assets. 

What's even better is that makes

What’s even we are focused on making  a reference in the gps tracking and fleet management sectors. The road is long, but we will do why we love by-trace helps you know. Therefore, where your vehicles are in real time, it’s easy to use and just works, without the headaches. If you want to get the job done without the hassle, you’re looking at your next favorite tool.” magic touch what’s even better is that  . Therefore, makes this premium technology feel right at home in . You Buy Email List get the best of both worlds – world-class technology with a friendly, local flair. In a nutshell we’re thrilled to have with us and we’re confident you’ll become a fan of the g-trace tracking system .

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