The approach to a different type of purchase also   translates into a request for awareness on the part of the end customer. Who wants to know the details of what he consumes. Is increasingly attentive and interest in the production chain. Trying to ruce physical distance with greater knowlge in the form of data and information. 

Casaleggio associati's research has also identifi

Casaleggio associati’s research has also identifi four recurring business models for e-commerce which vary bas on the type of product: the independent product. Individual references capable of satisfying the ne. The  proprietary basket. The partnership basket and grocery products sold  new database  through large-scale distribution. Four models that generate a different approach in terms of digital relationship with the end customer and as marketing activities.

The lockdown. With the consequent forc closure

As is known. The lockdown. With the consequent forc Buy Email List closure of physical stores. L to a boom in online sales . The us retail index compil by ibm with clear and precise numbers provides us with precise data . According to what the report highlights. In the first quarter of 2020 retail sales fell by 25% and in the second quarter they collaps by 75%. While e-commerce jump by 26%.For the full year. Expect losses for physical retail exce 60%; on the other hand. Growth of almost 20% is estimat for e-commerce.