Twitter did you know that 89 percent of shoppers use twitter to discover new products while over two-thirds agree that conversations on the platform have driven them to purchase? It’s the real-time nature of twitter that attracts people as it allows for conversations that can happen within minutes rather than days. This makes it great for events or social issues or topics that capture the attention of the world. During the world cup in qatar. Elon musk reporte 20.000 tweets per second. That gives new meaning to going viral! Twitter is also known for its hashtags which can trend and present an opportunity for brands to tap into hashtags and join a conversation. Be sure that what you’re linking to and posting is relevant though

World cup tweets

¬†Customers will be put off by a tweet for tweeting’s sake. World cup tweets world cup tweets snapchat some companies might overlook snapchat as a potential advertising channel. Yet according to the company’s quarterly results. Daily active users have increase by 17 percent year-over-year to 375 million. While you can view snapchat photos and videos on mute. According to company data 64 percent of users view ads on snapchat with the sound on while 200 million users also engage with ar. Brands are seeing success using shoppable lenses allowing people to virtually try out products before purchasing. Linkein if you are not convince social meia is a must because your customer base is b2b. Linkein can come to the rescue

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¬†According to the platform. Brands have seen a 33% percent increase in purchase intent from ad exposure on linkein while audiences expose to brand and acquisition messages on linkein are 6 times more likely to convert. Linkein also presents the opportunity to network with people that work in your industry or have a niche product or service. This can be done by joining relevant groups where you can share information that can result in new business or make connections with people in your sector to go into partnership or share insights. Video content has also become more popular on the platform both organically and for paid ads. So look at what you can repurpose or develop videos from scratch that will resonate with your target audience. Read: ‘7 easy steps to linkein success’ to find out more about how to be successful.