What is Email Marketing and how it can help you

Therefore, In 1971, Ray Tomlinson , an engineer at BBN Technologies , sent the first email. Since then many things have changed regarding. Email in particular and in our lives in general. In this post I am going to explain to you what it is, what its types are, how to create a strategy and, ultimately. How to get the most out of email marketing. Phases to design a website Index of contents What is marketing Statistics. On  marketing. What are the types of  Marketing Benefits of  Marketing Why use  in your marketing strategy. How to design an  marketing strategy . Therefore, Define your objectives 2. Define what you want to sell 3. Define your audience 4. Capture subscribers 5. Create an email marketing sending calendar 6. Choose an email marketing tool 7. Send your emails, but not in any way 8. Frequency of shipments 9. Measure your results.

Statistics on email marketing

What is needed to run an  marketing campaign. Structure of a perfect  to sell Recommendations for doing  marketing. Conclusion and personal opinion What is email marketing. Email marketing is a digital communication strategy company data in which. By sending emails to a database of users or contacts. An attempt is made to attract customers and/or retain existing ones. Carrying out  marketing campaigns is one of the best strategies. That exist within digital marketing to develop a relationship with leads (potential clients) and clients. In order to enhance the image and sales of a brand. Although it has been presumed dead many times (as many times as Elvis oh, Elvis is deador isn’t he?),  marketing is in extraordinary health and has been proven to be one of the best channels . sales that exist. Statistics on  marketing.

What are the types of Email Marketing

Today, according to this post , there are a whopping 4 billion  users a day. (Source: Statista ) Some more data from this study that will give you an insight into your good health. Of brands are increasing their budget for Buy Email List marketing campaigns. Subscriber segmentation is the most effective  marketing strategy . of specialists send weekly  and  send  several times a month ( Databox ).  Of marketers have seen an increase in marketing engagement in the last 12 months. Most  views come from mobile devices. Followed by desktop. More than 306 billion  are sent and received every day . ( Statista ) 10 Amazing  Marketing Statistics and How They Can Help You What are the types of. Email Marketing There are many ways to use  as a communication and sales channel. 

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