How to activate In this post I am going to teach you how to install and activate an. SSL certificate so that your WordPress website works under the HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) protocol. A long time ago it was believed that only web pages or online stores where there were. Transactions How to activate and payments had to have an SSL certificate. In fact, it was like that, but since 2018, the year in which Google strongly recommended having it on all of them (or put another way. “Either you  do it, or I’ll penalize you” ), all websites should run under the. HTTPS protocol and have a SSL certificate installed and activated, otherwise the consequences may be various. Let’s see how to do this. Phases to design a website Index of contents. What is an SSL certificate Advantages of having an SSL certificate on your website What is HTTPS (and how it works together with SSL) .

What is an SSL certificate How to activate

Why you shouldn’t use HTTP How to install and activate. SSL and HTTPS from your hosting Steps to install and activate an SSL certificate the SSL certificate in WordPress Common mistakes when installing SSL in WordPress. Some items load as HTTP, instead of HTTPS 2. Cache plugin may conflict Final advice Conclusion executive data What is an SSL certificate Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a technology to ensure a secure connection between a web page and the user’s browser. An SSL certificate ensures that the information transferred. Between the website and the visitor is private and secure. To find out if a website is secure, you just have to click on the padlock that appears in the browser tab. If you do not have an SSL certificate, in the tab you will see the following:

Advantages of having an SSL certificate on your website

How to activate If the website does have the certificate properly installed. It will look like this: Advantages of having an SSL certificate on your website Currently. A website cannot be conceived without having an SSL certificate , in fact the consequences of not having Buy Email List one can be quite negative. The advantages are the following. Your website will be more reliable. If your website is secure with an SSL certificate, your visitors and customers will feel more secure when exchanging data and making purchases. You will be able to improve the positioning of your website . Regarding the third point, since 2018 Google has “forced” website owners to use SSL. Giving preference in search results to those websites that have it installed. In addition to its own Chrome browser (and also Firefox) showing a “not secure” message next to the URL of websites that do not have it.