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Locating sources. and developing the outline. my guidance consist mostly of talking with them about what they were doing and how they were doing it. (Camps and Milian (2000) have compil works that aim to maintain. correctly. that metalinguistic reflection plays an important role in the development of skills in the field of writing). In that effort. and along the way. I was sharing my meager experience in this field. I tri to draw their attention to the most common errors that appear when writing (lack of agreement. rundancy. lexical poverty. “asphyxiation” due to overuse of commas). and to the place that should be given to the demand to use the words with a certain elegance. words.

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I was involv in the preparation of some of the first passages of his production – literally – line by line: almost filigree work. arduous. of course. and develop. of course. to the extent of the limitations given by the large number of work teams. and for the time we business database had they allow it. My commitment. furthermore. was to become another student. and to also write an article. exactly as they were doing. I must confess that I cheat: the article I start in the classroom was abandon shortly after. I have to say. honestly. that it had no sap; It wasn’t worth reading.

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But something better emerg (because it was the product of the desire to really have something to say): the text you are reading now is the product of reflection on that experience and incontrovertible testimony that things. doing the addition and subtraction. they work. They present their articles. and a text of mine. forg by the impulse of that warm work in the classrooms. even though it exhibits another profile. is also here. I must say that the results obtain. after a three-week Buy Email List work. which consist of delivering a text that cover around two pages written in space and a half. which dealt with a controversial topic that the groups themselves had to choose. were highly satisfactory.

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