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The new edition has been edited several times, resulting in an almost flawless version of the book.

The main features of the book include its simplicity, the thoroughness of the material, exercises, examples, and a wonderful visual presentation.

Data Structures and Other Things Using C++ is a great book about data structures. The book provides students with a solid understanding of the basic concepts of data structures and .

ced topics as well as a solid foundation in data types.

The book covers advan

The book discusses linked lists, stacks.  Queues, and trees, among other topics.

The book is telephone list simple to understand and flexible in its teaching style, even for individuals more used to another computer design language.

For computer scientists and programmers, the book is a wonderful find. The programming language used is Pascal.

e book is very relevant to the subject of the course. There are sections in the book.

The information in th

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The first section is largely a data structure and introduction to related topics.

The concept of algorithms is covered in the next section. Details are provided to illustrate matters. The book contains excellent images to emphasize the points mentioned. Tons of activities and test questions are also included.

The textbook covers in-depth information about data structures. The goal of the book is BUY Email List an introduction to object-oriented programming, data structures, and algorithms.

The design, execution and analysis are all included in the book.

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