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How to clean up the digital space and refuse digital garbage. Cleaning your own digital space is just as important as cleaning your apartment. Few people like to live in a clutter room. It is often difficult to find what you ne, and the mess often just unnerves us. And does not allow our eyes to rest. Everything is the same with the digital space, life can become easier and more comfortable. And work can be more efficient. 1. Delete junk files from your laptop and smartphone. Get in the habit of regularly auditing your smartphone and laptop—for example, once a month.

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According to VK research, 29% of respondents do this. 17% of respondents B2B Email List free up memory in devices or cloud 1-2 per week, and 10% have made it their daily habit. This applies both to photographs that you will most likely never return to in the future, and to working documents. Admit it, especially those whose work is directly relat to texts, there are probably dozens of google doc files on your work laptop with drafts at different stages of writing. Did you recognize yourself? sort documents into different folders and delete those that you definitely won’t ne without regret.

B2B Email List

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If you’ve been postponing your digital cleanup time and time again, here’s an argument that it’s time to do it right now. Let’s assume that the Data Center Buy Email List that receives and processes information about your files is locat in Russia. If you delete 5 gigabytes of any information – photos, documents or screenshots -for more than a year, you will ruce your carbon footprint by 1 kg of CO 2 -eq. About the same amount of carbon dioxide is produc by a car when it travels a distance of 4 km. After you’ve finish reading this article, open your email application, go to the “Mailouts” menu and consider.

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