The seeding between friends

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The seeding between friends. For brands, this means additional promotion opportunities. Using authentic social mia tools. New Advertising Features on Pinterest . Video advertising with the option to instantly purchase a product. Ads will appear in the main user fe , but in the form of animat teasers and without sound. By clicking on such an ad, you can watch the video itself. Pinterest has integrat this ad format with the Buyable Pins mechanism , which allows advertisers to invite potential buyers to buy products from a video in one click. The cost of such advertising will be calculat using the pay per impression model.

Determine the purpose of sowing

Who benefits from using it? Online stores. What to photo editing servies advertise? Products on the site. As a result , we got this forest of social network. Christmas trees with all the innovations. You can save it to yourself and send it to your friends First in Tatars tan Dragan the Top Ratings of the Digital Sphere We decide that it was time to talk about our successes. Now you will often see us in ratings in the digital sphere , as well as in the lists of prize winners of various awards we hope . At the moment, we already have three good news.

Step three study the site and content

We became bronze Maoists in the All Russian. Tagline Award the Buy Email List highest Russian award for achievements in the digital sphere , in the category Best Corporate Blog . On our social networks we report live from the event the award ceremony in Moscow , December . By the way , the nomination of the first category , where we became prize winners , was call Shoemaker without boots. So , now we can safely say that we have boots , and even bronze ones The second good news is that we enter the TOP Rating of Russian Advertising Agencies on the AllAdvertising website a dynamic rating.

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