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This technique creates emails that look great on almost any device and in nearly every email client. How can I code a responsive HTML email with media queries? Now that you’ve learned the basics, let’s dive into coding responsive HTML email templates previewed above. You’ll do this with the following steps: Set up your media queries to detect your user. Optimize your layout with media queries. Adjust how columns display across different devices. Before you start Before starting, check out our quick refresher on coding emails if you’re a bit rusty.

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For this tutorial, you’ll need a philippines Mobile Number Database working knowledge of HTML and CSS. 1. Set up your media queries to detect your user. First, we need to set up your media queries to detect the user’s device. You can do this in the <style> section of the header in your HTML document. This is also known as embedding your stylesheet in the header. We’ve discussed inline CSS elsewhere if you need a refresher, but inline CSS is the preferred method for media queries. With inline CSS, you can adjust screen size accordingly.

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Check out the following code  media only screen Buy Email List and (max-device-width Here you can include rules for the Android and iPhone native email clients. Device viewport dimensions are as follows Iphone – 320px X 480px – portrait, 480px X 320px – landscape Android – 350px X 480px – portrait, 480px X 350px – landscape (These are average dimensions, the Android OS runs on several different devices media only screen and (min-device-width768px) and (max-device- Here you can include rules for the iPad native email client.


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