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Users can provide visual reference and assist with directions by incorporating floor plans into the virtual tour, allowing visitors to navigate the area more easily. Another feature of Cupix is ​​annotation capabilities, which allow users to mark specific locations or objects in the virtual tour to increase participation and understanding.

els, descriptions, and notes directly to these categories or items. The Cupix platform is cloud-bas, guaranteeing easy access and collaboration.

It is perfect for distribuet teams and remote collaboration as multiple team members can work on the same project at the same time.

al tours can be sharand access easily from any device with an internet connection, increasing visibility and communication.

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In the virtual tour industry, iStaging stands out as a flexible platform that excels at supporting 3D tours and augmented residential phone numbers reality (AR) experiences, providing a rich and engaging way for users to explore remote areas.

iStaging users don’t need excellent technical skills or coding knowledge to build immersive virtual tours; instead, they can create them by simply dragging and dropping images and 360-degree videos.

Users can instantly build exciting virtual experiences with this simplicity of use, successfully showcasing their locations or products. Floor plans can be used to provide a deeper level of context and guidance to visitors, improving the overall user

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In addition, iStaging provides lead generation solutions that are helpful for companies trying to gather potential customers from their virtual tours.

Users can effectively follow up with interested people by including lead capture forms or interactive components, which allow users to collect useful information from them. The platform’s potential for augmented reality (AR) experiences brings a new level of engagement.

Through the use of their mobile devices, users can place virtual objects into the real env BUY Email List ironment, allowing customers to see how furniture, accessories or other items might appear in the field. themselves and encouraging a stronger sense of connection and confidence in their decision-making process.

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