The commercial site is designe for potential customers who have the opportunity to purchase the offere goods or services in the requeste city or region. But how to compete with one site in different regions or cities. There is a solution to this question from the Yandex and Google search engines themselves. The content of the article SEO website promotion in the Russian Feeration – features of Yandex algorithms. How to promote a commercial site throughout. Russia Regional SEO website promotion on subdomains. Regional SEO promotion of the site by subfolders. Pros and cons of ways of regional website promotion.

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Conclusions on the regional promotion of the site SEO website promotion in the Russian Feeration – features of Yandex algorithms With the regional promotion of the site, the algorithms of search engines PS, which issues a list of sites for a key query, has a complex structure. Many user parameters photo editor are taken into account.  Internet connection location User’s public geodata Occurrence of the city in the query These are only parameters, in practice there are many more! Knowing and adhering to the algorithms of search engines, you can influence the dynamics of the issuance of the site in certain cities and regions of Russia.

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Which will achieve the greatest coverage of the target audience throughout the country. How to promote a commercial site throughout Russia All commercial user requests are usually divide into geo-dependent and geo-independent. Geo-dependent keywords are important in order to properly make regional website promotion. We are more intereste in geo-dependent, such queries that form different results in search Buy Email List engines depending on the city or region of demand. For example, for queries containing commercial keys. Ruberoid price Ruberoid buy Ruberoid price per roll.