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CORE is a fully managed cloud GPU platform created by Paperspace that provides simple, cost-effective and accelerated computing for a variety of applications.

 computing infrastructure provided by Paperspace CORE to accelerate organizational processes. For quick onboarding, collaborative tools, and desktop applications for Mac, Linux, and Windows, it offers an easy-to-use and unparalleled interface.

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Use it to run demanding programs on an unlimited level of processing power. CORE offers super-fast networking, fast provisioning, support for 3D apps, and a complete API for programmatic access.

With an easy-to-use and intuitive GUI, get a comprehensive picture of your infrastructure in one place.

In addition, get excellent control thanks to the CORE administration interface, which offers powerful tools and allows you to filter, classify, connect or create devices, networks and users

Pricing starts at $0.45/hour for the dedicated M4000 GPU.

Microsoft Corporation

Genesis Cloud offers a very cost-effective cloud GPU platform. They are working in partnership with several efficient data centers around the world to provide a wide variety of applications.

Genesis Cloud provides a wide range of useful features at no additional cost, including snapshots to BUY Email List support your work, security groups for network traffic, storage volumes for large data sets, FastAI, PyTorch, preset images, and a public TensorFlow API.

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