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Unlike traditional forms of advertising, this is an. Opportunity for you to instill creativity and humor into your content. Brian Dean’s YouTube channel is a great example of this. His YouTube descriptions often mirror the way he speaks. The descriptions are candid and casual, and he makes it feel like he’s writing to a friend. Brian Dean YouTube Video Description To learn more about using YouTube for marketing purposes, consider checking out HubSpot Academy’s comprehensive YouTube Marketing course. 5. Use timestamps to make videos scannable. Including timestamps in your video description can make your video. More user-friendly and help your content rank well on search engines.

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YouTube video timestamps appear within search results. Improving Croatia Mobile Number List user retention by directing users to the most. Relevant portions of videos from SERPs. Users can search for keywords that appear in your video’s description and click on a thumbnail on the. SERP to view the portion of your video that answers their search query. youtube description examples: timestamps Image Source Free YouTube Description. Templates Free templates to help you plan and promote your YouTube videos. Description Templates Thumbnail Template Banner Image Templates YouTube Strategy Template Download for free Learn more YouTube Channel Description Examples Every YouTube channel description should allude to a specific niche or central theme.

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You want to tell your audience what they will learn from Buy Email List your channel. This will give them a reason to tune in to your channel, subscribe to it, and continue learning from you and your videos. Additionally, when you add your niche to your YouTube description, your audience can more easily find you in a sea of potentially similar creators. 1. Wes McDowell wes Image Source Wes McDowell’s YouTube channel targets viewers in the digital marketing niche. The channel description mentions the channel’s mission: teaching small businesses owners digital marketing strategies they can use to grow their businesses. The description also lists topics the channel will feature in its videos, invites viewers to subscribe.


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