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San Francisco, and San Jose. Nine counties in the Northern California Bay Area have a population of approximately 7.76 million, including many cities, towns, airports, and related areas, states, and national parks, connected through a complex multimodal transport network. The Bay Area is known for its natural beauty, progressive politics, famous universities, technology companies and wealth. Larger federal classification, the comprehensive statistical area of the region includes 14 counties, [6] is the second largest region in California, ( second only to the Greater Los

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After the war, the United Nations was established in San Francisco to help prevent the kind of damage that has occurred in the past decade, [52] and signed the 《 San Francisco Treaty 》 in September 1951 to rebuild Japan The peaceful relationship   special data  with the Allied Forces was signed in San Francisco and entered into force a year later.
By the early 1960s, the Bay Area and other parts of Northern California had become the center of anti-mainstream cultural movements. 

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[53] In the years after the end of the war, as the population of the entire region increased, there was a huge wave of immigration in the Gulf region. Between 1950 and 1960, San Francisco welcomed more than 100,000 new residents, the population of the inland suburbs of the East Bay doubled, the population   Buy Email List  of Daly doubled, and the population of Santa Clara quadrupled. The population has increased fivefold. [48] In 1967, Auckland led by David Harris ( David Harris) escaped the Vietnam War conscription march.

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