Advantages and Limitations of Multivariate

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So the effect of media query doesn’t work  thanks a lot !  david says: August 16, 2012 at 1:09 am this is not working on Gmail and for mobile Android and Iphone JP says: August 29, 2012 at 3:10 pm Sorry .. but if i understand good, it does not work on gmail. It does not work on android device. It does not work on iPhone. So where it works ? AJ says: December 24, 2012 at 12:42 am For a desktop version of the email, I have a 2 column layout in the main content region. If I have a paragraph in the left column and an image in the right column, would I be able to move the image under the paragraph (column 1) if the max width is 480px? I know this is easy to do if you have a div-based layout but in email, that is not supported.

Using AI to Craft Your Outreach Messages

We have to code using tables for the Indonesia Mobile Number Database email layout. Thoughts? Notes from the Dev: Advanced MJML Coding Techniques 2 It’s time for the exciting conclusion of our journey into one of the most popular email frameworks available: MJML (Mailjet Markup Language). Okay, so it wasn’t a huge cliffhanger or anything. But we are definitely excited to share the second half of this interview with you. When we last left Nicole Hickman, she just finished showing us the basics of how to use MJML to quickly and efficiently code responsive HTML emails.

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Use AI to learn about your influencer

This time, we’re diving a little deeper to Buy Email List discover advanced MJML techniques. I asked Nicole some of the most common questions that I’ve noticed email geeks wondering about the MJML framework. That includes dark mode, image swapping, and overlapping content in emails. Part of the beauty of MJML is its simplicity, as we saw in Part 1 of this interview. But what happens when you need to take things a little further that the framework allows? Check out Nicole’s tips in the video below. And don’t forget to subscribe to Email on Acid by Sinch on YouTube to catch new episodes of Notes from the Dev: Video Edition.


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