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However if it quickly turn out that you feel in your position like a butcher in a vegetarian restaurant, remember that the feeling of inadequacy can be due to many reasons. Sometimes we don’t like the culture of a given organization, other times – as we mention above – it doesn’t go hand in hand with our worldview. However, if you still feel that you should work somewhere else, it is definitely worth sending your CV further. 10.  outside Have you notic that the company hires people from outside for high positions, and employees who should have a chance for promotion are still working in the same position, in the same place? This is definitely a bad sign.

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Because it is likely that your career will not develop in such an enterprise. Do online courses count? How to add them to your CV? New to the labor market, but also those experienc, ne to improve Martinique Email List their qualifications. Many technologies or methodologies that are niche today may become industry standard tomorrow.  to ucational nes, quickly introducing new titles of courses and training to its offer. But the question is: is it worth using them? Do online courses count as a valuable source of knowlge? Choose your career path Answer the questions prepar by our specialists and we will adjust the development path to your preferences.

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Find out more learning from online course – video lesson Which Buy Email List online course should I choose to include in my CV? Choosing the right online course cannot , although this is of course also very important. When browsing platform offers, pay attention to other factors as well: Does the course end with a certificate? Who is the host? Does her experience prove that she is an expert in her field? Is the course popular with platform users? What grades did he get.