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The first year of studies is often more theoretical – you ne to acquire. The necessary knowlge and prepare for more practical and interesting classes. Unfortunately, subjects focus on theory often turn out to be more difficult to pass. In the case of computer science studies. It is worth being aware that in the first year, a lot of attention is paid to mathematics . Additional repetition and better preparation in mathematics should be especially taken care of by people who did not follow the extend curriculum in high school. Coaching may be a good idea. Yourself to expensive stationary tutoring – you can also choose online courses and tutoring Mathematics tutoring course.

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Equations and inequalities Mathematics tutoring course – equations Guinea Email List and inequalities See the course Arrow Course Mathematics tutoring – functions Course the course Arrow Tutoring course in mathematics – trigonometry and flat figures Tutoring course in mathematics – trigonometry and flat figures See the course Arrow IT studies are extremely popular, and the share of students choosing IT-relat majors is constantly growing. A significant number of people are tempt by the vision of finding a light and well-paid job easily.

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The growing interest in computer science studies makes it more and Buy Email List more difficult to get into them. In order to increase your chances of success, you should get the best final grades and prepare yourself well for the matriculation exam – primarily in subjects such as computer science, physics, English, and especially mathematics, which often also causes problems for first-year students of computer science.20 resume mistakes that will keep you from getting your dream job Have you been looking for a job for months, but If so, it’s time to take a look at your own resume. Perhaps you have made mistakes in it that you have not notic so far, and which ruce.