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Hey do not hesitate to speak out. Key Insight 2022: We don’t know what economic circumstances we’ll face next year, so it’s best to rely on yourself. Investments, ephemeral opportunities of new markets are a potential future that may or may not materialize. And stability is achiev by well-organiz business processes, continuous improvements and preservation of the helicopter view. Vitaly Altukhov, co-founder, at Profilum We expect the Tech market players to change their course towards more affordable, budgetary ucational initiatives aim at the rapid monetization of the acquir knowlge. Especially in the field of further ucation and digital specialties, including IT.

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Probably there will be interesting solutions in the b2g segment. Alexander Kiselev, CEO and founder of the school of IT professions Rebotica In 2023, we see many opportunities for Ghana Email List growth. We will try to go offline, we will be able to significantly expand our business in Russia. Marianna Snigireva, General Director and Valentina Kurenkova, GR Director at Netology We believe that the adult CPE segment as a whole will grow by 25-30% by 2022. Growth drivers will be the shortage of qualifi personnel, the relocation of digital specialists and the desire of the audience to ruce the risk of uncertainty through training in new professions.

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Tech companies will continue to actively cooperate with Buy Email List universities, and will also enter the secondary vocational ucation market, the most massive segment of ucation in Russia. For example, Netology has already launch pilot projects to train college students in three regions. As a result, we will get practice-orient and competitive specialists. Next year we plan to scale the project. year we have seen a decline in interest in online ucation. It is important for the market to seek and find new formats and approaches to work. For example, interaction with the state is becoming one of the prerequisites for effective business.