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Strict rules that must be follow exactly in different ways depending on the individual characteristics of the student and the ucational process. Taxonomy levels of cognitive goals Each area of ??Bloom’s taxonomy has its own stages or skill levels, arrang in a hierarchical order. They represent the levels of thinking that ne to be develop in order to achieve the learning goal. Like Maslow’s pyramid, it is important to start mastering Bloom’s taxonomy from skills, move on to more complex ones. According to the taxonomy, it is impossible to move to the next level without mastering the previous one.

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It lays the foundation for further learning. Level of Knowlge This level includes the assimilation, memorization and reproduction of information in oral or written form. Examples of Costa Rica Email List tasks of the first level could be memorizing the rules of a board game or the chronology of the October Revolution of 1917 in Russia. At the same time, at this level, it is not suppos to apply the rules of a board game in practice or analyze events – it is enough just to learn and remember specific information. It is important to work with it on the next levels. Level of Understanding At this level, the receiv information is interpret.

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For this generalization, extrapolation, description and formulation Buy Email List of the main ideas can be us. Understanding in this case does not equal deep analytics, although it involves some skill in operating with the acquir knowlge. Example tasks: explain the rules of the board game to others, summarize or retell the events of the 1917 revolution. Application level Now the obtain abstract knowlge nes to be appli to solve specific practical problems. An important skill at this level is the use of knowlge in new situations, outside of training scenarios.