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There are already professions at the intersection of design and DataScience. On the network you can find requests and even courses in these areas: neural network operator, neuroartist, prompt designer, neural network coordinator, generative designer. If we give a brief description of such professions, these are specialists who can communicate with AI in a language that it understands in order to get prictable results, and knows when and which program to use. One specialist works well with faces, another can increase the resolution of an image several times without losing quality, and a third one can generate a full-flg image from a sketch. Inside the company, you ne to organize a direction for deploying opensource neural networks on your infrastructure, and then train it in the right style.

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This requires individual specialists, by 2025 artificial Botswana Email List intelligence can replace specialists in the field of fine arts, cinematography, journalism, programming and other areas. Whether this happens or not, Either neural networks will develop and become a full-flg designer’s toolkit until it is completely replac, doing the job quickly and efficiently, or they will remain at the current high level, which only helps to save the specialist’s time. In Colorado, a man won an art competition thanks to a painting creat in the Midjourney neural network.

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The case went viral and disputes began whether it was Buy Email List right that a visual generat by a neural network participat in the exhibition. Many criticiz the work for an unusual method of creation, but the author himself believes that he won fairly, since it was he who set the text description. The man spent several  result. In addition, the creator it the resulting work in various programs. In general, this is a conceptual question, but the reasoning is still ongoing. Still, an inexperienc person could not do this: in order to create such a work.