To queue up? Just do it at home in 5 minutes! It turns out that you can also renew your driver’s license online! (Tutorial included) – | The first Chinese and English job search website in Malaysia
post by Chloe Chan
by Chloe Chan

To renew your driver’s license, you can go to the JPJ office or the nearby post office. Many people don’t know that you can also renew it online! Not only does it save time and effort, it’s also super easy! Today, let’s share with you how to renew your driver’s license through the Myeg website!

Open the relevant website

Companies you may be interested in

tep 2: Register an account and log in


After registering an account, you can enter the next List Of US Mobile Number List page and start selecting the JPJ area and choose Driving License Renewal.

Asia Mobile Number List

Fill in basic information

Please make sure all information is correct, otherwise you will not be able to update.

Step 4: Time to get a hole in your bag

Now just choose the remittance method you want! It’s that simple! Remember, after your payment is successful, please print out the Malaysia Phone Number List receipts on the Internet and keep them for future use.