How to use phone memory rationally

You won’t be able to delete “Other” on iPhone in one motion: you will either have to use third-party applications or delete data manually. To do this, do the following: First, clear your Safari browser cache. To do this, go to “Settings” Safari “Add-ons” “Site Data””Delete All Data”. Remember that in this case all active sessions will be clos.  without saving tracks to your phone memory A subscription to streaming services such as Apple Music and Yandex. Music will allow you to access a large number of tracks without downloading or saving them to your phone’s memory.

Listen to music through streaming services

True to listen you will ne access to Wi-Fi or mobile Internet. Set up automatic saving of photos and videos to the cloud and do not keep copies of photos Afghanistan Email List Get into the habit of regularly cleaning the same type of photos manually or using cleaning apps, and set up automatic import of mia files to the cloud storage. If you have an iPhone, then when you shoot in HDR – a mode with improv image quality – it will prompt you to save the original photo as well. Disable this feature if you want to save space. Delete sav maps after travel Most mapping programs allow you to save maps for later offline access, which is convenient when traveling, especially abroad.

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Disable this feature in the settings to save

However these maps take up a lot of space on your phone’s Buy Email List memory, so try to remember to delete your sav maps after your trips. Cancel automatic saving of photos and videos from messengers Messengers like WhatsApp and Viber, by default, save photos and videos sent to you by other users to your phone gallery.  space on your smartphone’s internal memory. Do our phones ne more storage? While it is possible to buy a phone today with up to 1TB of internal storage , consider how much you ne bas on your nes.