These are specific actions that we do (or avoid if we are breaking this habit) once triggered by the trigger. Reward This can happen either inside us (internally) for example feeling good, having high confidence or externally like chocolate, a lot of breakfast.

It can also happen in a spiritual form. Let’s say we’re trying to get into the habit of exercising. Our new habit loop will look like this: Trigger Sunday and Tuesday 6.00 am every week. Rutin Put on your gym clothes, tie your shoes and run outside for 30 minutes.

Reward We will feel great when we are working towards our goals

Of losing weight and staying healthy Let’s take Phone Number List another example. This time to stop bad habits. Let’s say as soon as we get home from work, we bury ourselves on the sofa in front of the TV and waste three to four hours with a bowl of snacks.

How do we manage this habit? First of all, we should see the habit loop as it is now: Trigger: Returning home Routine: Turn on the TV, go to the kitchen grab a snack and sit down to watch TV Reward: Feeling calm, comforted and happy There’s not much we can do to change those triggers.

So, let’s focus on routines and rewards: New Routine: Take a shower and change clothes, grab some fruit from the kitchen and spend an hour reading a book, watching a lecture series or spending quality time with family.

New Reward We feel clean healthy intellectually stimulated and family

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Relationships improve. This is an example of using Buy Email List a habit loop to create or remove an external habit. Let’s say we want to change an ‘inner’ habit, a bad habit that we know may be dangerous for our life and hereafter.

For example feelings of jealousy and envy, swearing or cheating. Again, these evils are habits but we can use the habit loop to change them. Let’s take an example of envy: Trigger: We see someone who has a higher social status or professional career than us Routine:

We are hot with envy Reward: Remember the words of the Prophet Muhammad SAW: “Speaking the truth is glory and glory leads to.